HVAC Design

Get an Expertly Planned HVAC System

Team up with HVAC design experts in the Columbus, OH area

Do you need an HVAC system for your new build or remodel? Rely on Salmons Heating & Cooling to create a superior HVAC design to fit your building in the Columbus, OH area. We'll carefully plan the locations of your units and ductwork, so the final product will work as efficiently as possible.

Reach out to us today to let us get started on your ductwork design.

Get Expert HVAC & Ductwork Design Services

Get Expert HVAC & Ductwork Design Services

Benefit from a well-functioning system in Columbus, OH

Your HVAC design can have a huge impact on your system's efficiency and your building's appearance. We'll give you the perfect system to meet your buildings needs by:

Determining the right ductwork size
Ensuring you have proper insulation
Achieving the exposed or covered ductwork look you want
Making sure your ductwork is properly sized and placed for your HVAC units

Everything will be in the right place when you trust us to plan your HVAC system. Call 614-329-9067 now to request services. We'll complete your HVAC and ductwork design in two to four days.